自然派ワインとYAKINIKU ~Shoutaian~

All seats are completely private rooms, premium yakiniku x exquisite Italian food, mainly A5 rank Japanese black beef cows

We specialize in natural wine (Vin Nature), and serve mainly yakiniku and Italian cuisine.
We use A5 rank Kuroge Wagyu beef (cows aged 30 months or more),
and the creative menu is made with ingredients carefully selected by our craftsmen,
such as steaks that have been aged for 120 days. Nowadays,
there is a growing interest in environmental issues around the world.
In addition, due to the growing health consciousness, there is a big movement in the world of wine,
focusing on organic products and natural products, and you can enjoy the marriage with wine.
In addition, all seats are completely private rooms,
so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about other customers even during the corona crisis.
It is also ideal for entertainment and commemorative meals with family and friends.

自然派ワインとYAKINIKU ~Shoutaian~ 店内写真 自然派ワインとYAKINIKU ~Shoutaian~ 店内写真 自然派ワインとYAKINIKU ~Shoutaian~ 店内写真