Our shop uses "Hinatsubo" rice from Hokkaido.

For orders after 10 PM, we will add a 10% as late night charge.

A5 rank champion roasted beef1,800yen
(include tax 1,980yen)

A5ランク 王者のユッケ

It is a new style of Yukhoe sliced beef.

Comparing eating three pieces of roasted meat sushi1,980yen
(include tax 2,178yen)


The luxual beef sushi couse you can compare the plain, urchin on it, and caviar on it.

Wrap the leek around the SHOTAIAN beef tongue.(1 packet)450yen
(include tax 495yen)


A new specialty! I wrapped the leek in beef tongue.

Treasure chest 4 types 8 pieces platter5,400yen
(include tax 5,940yen)

三十三日間 熟成タン

It's a gorgeous assortment with a special emphasis on production.

Sirloin Sukiyaki(One piece)1,680yen
(include tax 1,848yen)


It is in exquisite harmony with a delicious egg called "Red Queen" from Chiba Prefecture.

Stone-baked yukki bibimbap1,780yen
(include tax 1,958yen)


Bibimbap with fresh yukke tangled in a fragrant stone-baked dish.